Benefits of Earning a U.S Degree



Benefits of earning a United States Degree in Costa Rica Texas Tech University

Deciding where to go to college can be a tough decision, especially when you are thinking about leaving home. The United States has some of the world’s most prestigious universities, offering a variety of schools specializing in the arts, sciences, business, engineering, and much more.

Texas Tech University is ranked as one of The United States’ top 100 engineering schools. A TTU diploma increases your prospects of gaining employment at a global engineering firm or an exciting business venture. 

Texas Tech University Costa Rica Campus 

At Texas Tech-Costa Rica, students graduate with an accredited, U.S. degree. We are Texas Tech’s first satellite campus, a Tier-One research institution, known for its excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and RHIM (Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management) fields.

“TTU-CR provides the best education in all Latin America,” Owen Oliva, student majoring in industrial engineering, said. “This university focuses on technology, and for that reason, you know that once you graduate, you’ll be more than prepared for your future job.”

Studying abroad can be costly and overwhelming, given the financial effort that this process requires. While an international student might pay on average some $34,740 a year at a private college in the U.S., students at TTU-CR pay $18,000 a year for a 30-credit load, regardless of citizenship.

Earning a U.S. degree is something that many dream of, but cost is often a barrier. For nearly 50% less in tuition, you can graduate with a degree in your hands and the world at your fingertips.

At TTU-CR, you will not only study at a high-quality institution, you will also dominate your English skills. The job market requires the highest levels of English proficiency for most international jobs, so what better way to improve and expand your language skills than taking your entire college course load in English?

Given that today, April 23rd , is International English Language Day, we want to welcome future Red Raiders to consider the amazing opportunity of earning a college degree with 100% English instruction.

Texas Tech University Costa Rica TTUCR 

Owen, originally from Guatemala, was hesitant to move away for college. His first choice was to stay home but once he visited our campus, and better understood all of the benefits and opportunities that abound, he knew that TTU-CR was the place for him.

“Graduating with a U.S. degree is of great value,” he says. “Studying at an American university opens a lot of doors, and the fact that I moved here for college says that I am not afraid to take risks.”

The benefits of a top tier college education include greater professional possibilities, higher paying jobs, and more control of your future. Because of the international reputation of U.S. education, those who graduate with a TTU-CR degree will tend to be viewed more favorably by employers. This can be considered of great advantage when applying for jobs and planning your career path.

Earning a U.S. degree while living in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to experience the privilege of studying in the tropics while having access to the excellence of U.S. higher education. Launch your future here by joining us next semester and opening the doors to all the possibilities that abound.

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