Financial Support at TTU


Texas Tech University-Costa Rica offers its students not only a unique educational experience through hands on learning, engaging professors, and a 100% American experience in a state-of-the-art technology campus, but also financial opportunities that allow you to fund your education in a more flexible manner.

Here at Texas Tech- CR, we care about our students’ needs, and we understand that during these difficult times, some financial help is much appreciated. There are several ways in which we lend a hand to our students and allow them to succeed, and we are lucky to have several over-achieving students who have taken advantage of all of these opportunities and managed to reduce their financial burden so that they can continue with their studies.

Andrés Fraguela, Ramiro López, and Carlos Martínez, are three Central American students who are studying at Texas Tech University-Costa Rica and who, like several of their classmates, have been able to continue studying in the midst of this crisis thanks to the scholarship programs, Work & Study, and other financial aid such as the Free-Class Benefit, which allows students to register for one three-credit class course and receive another one for free.

“The Work & Study program has been a huge help to me,” said Andrés, Industrial Engineering major. “If I hadn’t been able to apply to the Merit-Based Scholarship and the Work & Study program I honestly don’t know what I would have done. These have been two great opportunities and I am very grateful for this.”

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On the other hand, the restrictions, curfews and travel bans caused by the global pandemic have certainly created great difficulties for millions of families around the world. Carlos and Ramiro for example, decided to stay in Costa Rica and face this uncertain time away from their families to assure their status as Texas Tech-CR students and continue with their Work & Study experiences.   

COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the finances of many families and individuals, and it is possible that lots of students are compromised in their options to continue studying precisely because of the new economic realities, but thankfully the financial help Texas Tech-CR has offered has provided some economic relief. 

“If it weren’t for the Work & Study program, I wouldn’t be able to be here,” Ramiro López, Electrical Engineering major said. “The university has definitely been a great help to me. The Free-Class Benefit is also an amazing opportunity, especially with all that hardships following COVID-19. All the benefits the university had offered has allowed me to remain calm and confident that I will be able to continue with my studies.” 

These three students have worked hard to maintain outstanding grade point averages, which has allowed them to apply for scholarships and the Work & Study program, which guarantees them an income and financial relief, allowing them to continue studying without interruption.



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