Importance of Exams



Are you ready for finals? Summer vacation is around the corner but first, gear up for finals week because it’s coming sooner than you think. The end of the semester is a hectic time for all college students, not only do you have to make sure you’ve submitted all of your assignments on time, make up quizzes, and stress about participation points, you also want to ace your finals.   
Even though, from an early age, we’ve been taught to fear tests, exams are an important part of our education. Remember being quizzed on the multiplication tables and studying for your world history and calculus exam? Not only do you know how to solve fractions and complex mathematical equations from solely paying attention in class, you remember because you had to study hard for your tests. The mental preparation needed to take exams might seem tedious, but the knowledge you gain from studying is something that will benefit you throughout your entire life.

“Tests help you put problems into practice,” Vicente Garófalo, Industrial Engineering major said. “They’re important because they make you think carefully about the steps you have to take to reach a solution.” 


One of the most beneficial aspects of exams is their power to compel students to learn. Pressure to do well on exams motivates students to study and learn material they would otherwise ignore, either because they find it boring or too difficult. How many times have you had to study for a class you weren’t particularly interested in? Tests are an incentive to sit down and study subjects we might not necessarily love. However, it is extremely crucial for our future careers and daily lives to have a vast and varied knowledge of different subjects.  

There is always a part of us that wants to excel in what we do, and school is definitely one of them. Grades matter and studying is our way to prove to ourselves that we have mastered a subject we once didn’t know anything about. Take pride in your academic progress because studying takes time and effort, and taking tests is a great way to demonstrate your dedication and commitment for improvement. Don’t fear tests, use them as tools to challenge yourself and strive for greatness. Tests are not meant to dissuade you, in fact, they are meant to encourage progress and help you bring to light your greatest qualities, as well as to put you to work on the things you struggle with the most. 

Unknown“Studying and taking exams is a process where students learn how to solve problems,” chemistry professor, Alberto Jimenez said. “When they get hired as engineers or mathematicians, they must know how to solve complex problems, and tests are a way for people to self-evaluate their ability to do this.”

Taking tests is not only beneficial to students, but also to professors. Exams are a great way for teachers to measure individual progress as well as overall classroom understanding of the material. Professors use examinations to see how much their students have learned and where they’ve struggled throughout the semester. Teachers can either make changes to their curriculum if necessary or continue with their teaching strategies if they find their students are doing well. This can also benefit students because they can identify the areas they struggle with the most and focus more on those. 

Finals week can be anxiety producing, but the benefits of studying for tests are greater than you think. The material you learn now will benefit you in your future career, so don’t ever stop striving for greatness. Become a Red Raider, study your way to becoming the professional you aspire to be!

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