April Senske: 18 Credit-Schedule on Weekdays, Surfing on Weekends


Since the pandemic began, students worldwide have faced unprecedented changes in the way they know and love university life. Thanks to online learning, students at Texas Tech University-Costa Rica have been able to continue making full-time progress toward their degrees, while keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. In this blog series, we will explore the ways in which several of our students have demonstrated resilience and adaptability amidst the pandemic.

April Senkse, 2022
Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management

April Senske is a sophomore at Texas Tech-Costa Rica, majoring in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management. Like other students at the University, she’s currently enrolled in remote learning. The opportunity to continue her education virtually has allowed her to relocate in California for, at least, the rest of the semester.

Her smile is contagious and her inner strength shines through as she describes her current lifestyle. She decided to go live with her father in the United States, for the time being, because of the opportunity of being able to continue her education online. This allows her to work hard on the weekdays and spend time with her family on the weekends. April is enrolled in 18-credits this semester, but she still manages to find time to surf and go to the beach on the weekends with her father. A dedicated student and warm family member, she is working towards her future while living a surfer’s dream in the West Coast wonderland.

April believes in the advantages of remote instruction, for example, she believes this modality has sharpened her time management skills. This semester, her plate is full, as she is taking “Entrepreneurship,” “History,” “Geotourism,” “Principles of Economics,” and “Legal Aspects of Hospitality.” She is managing her packed schedule by prioritizing classes instead of labs. She prefers to take these courses first, and then, when in-person learning resumes, she will enroll in laboratories.


She recognizes that some classes are more challenging with online learning, like “Principles of Economics.” She feels that she has a bigger workload than before the pandemic, but her day is organized more effectively. April believes that being able to continue her education while working responsibly has made her grow as a person.

Moreover, she enjoys the way her professors are giving online classes. April says they speak from their experience and bring people in for informative interviews. She’s particularly happy with her “Entrepreneurship” course, as students are encouraged to carry out a business idea in groups. Professors offer their feedback, and she has been able to learn through trial and error experiences that will be paramount to her career.

Like any other university student, she misses her friends and going to campus. “It’s fun to explore and see your friends.” Jokingly, April mentions that she also misses classes like “Introduction to Wine and Spirits.” However, she recognizes that virtual classes are the safest option for everybody right now. She will be staying abroad with her father indefinitely, with plans to return to Costa Rica when in-person instruction resumes.


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