Inés Ureña: A Resilient Student Ready to Take on the Future Hospitality Industry


Since the pandemic began, students worldwide have faced unprecedented changes in the way they know and love university life. Thanks to online learning, students at Texas Tech University-Costa Rica have been able to continue making full-time progress toward their degrees, while keeping themselves and their loved ones safe. In this blog series, we will explore the ways in which several of our students have demonstrated resilience and adaptability amidst the pandemic.
Inés Ureña, 2024
Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management
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Inés Ureña is a dedicated and sociable student, and one of the three promising young women at TTU-CR who have achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average. She finished high school and started college during the pandemic, with stellar grades that showcase her capacity to adapt to the so-called “new normal.” However, she is confident that the economy will be robust again, and that she will be able to excel in the hospitality industry.
Costa Rica’s economy, as well as the rest of the world’s, has been exponentially greatly affected by the pandemic. However, Inés, who is a Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management major, has tried to see the glass half-full and has done her best to work toward her future. Her career choice is one of Texas Tech’s most renowned programs, and by studying in Costa Rica, she’s getting ready to succeed in a post-pandemic economy that will, eventually, restore the tourism industry’s position as one of the most profitable economic sectors in Costa Rica. 
At TTU-CR, she has been learning the knowledge and soft skills necessary to make her passion for traveling and meeting people a career. Although the guidelines promoted by the Ministry of Health have not permitted her to be her usual sociable self, she has used her socially-distanced time learning to thrive in today’s online learning world. “Compared to virtual high school classes, Texas Tech University-Costa Rica’s remote learning experience is amazing. My professors are very attentive and are always eager to spend the time necessary to clear out any doubts I might have.” Inés is confident that this reliable channel of communication with her professors has been a key to her success.
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“I’ve learned a lot. My professors are very knowledgeable and I never feel as if I’m asking a dumb question. I’ve also met many people I didn’t know before! I’ve definitely made friends and we hang out in-person.” By starting to cultivate a network early on in her college life, she’s setting the groundwork necessary to meet people that one day might help her get an internship or employment opportunities. 
At TTU-CR, discipline and commitment are encouraged. Inés possess the dedication and resilience necessary to work and take advantage of everything her program has to offer. She is a firm believer in the philosophy “Work collaboratively, push hard, and work hard!” Inés is also having fun with some of the in-person labs students are attending this semester, face-to-face. She is looking forward to a food lab that is a key part of the RHIM experience. “I’m very excited about the wine-tasting course. They’re also teaching us how to cook certain dishes!” Students who go to campus stick to stringent protocols, in accordance with the guidelines promoted by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health and the CDC, as it is TTU-CR’s priority to keep the Red Raider community safe. 
Inés’ hard work will surely lead her to her goal of owning a hotel by the beach in Costa Rica. This is, in her opinion, an achievable life dream, if she continues her efforts. As the pandemic eases, people get vaccines, and the economy gets healthier too, she would like to do internships around the world, travel, become a hotel manager, and eventually her own boss. By demonstrating resilience and discipline at TTU-CR, she’s making the best of all the opportunities the institution has to offer, while preparing for a dynamic and fruitful future.

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