Visiting the new TTU-CR Campus

by TTU-CR / Jul 18, 2018 11:50:00 AM

Deciding which college campus to attend after graduating from high school can be fun but often challenging. Even so, avoid depending on your parent's opinion, the grapevine, college rankings, or your friend's views. The most effective way to find out whether this college fits your needs is going on a campus visit. Typically, most colleges offer students a chance to do so via a guided campus tour or virtual tours on their websites. Here you get to learn more about the campus’s ambiance, student community, as well as its atmosphere firsthand. 

Book a visit and discover the campus where you will spend your student life.

Why is going on a college visit important? It’s simply because you will spend four years of your student life there! The college you select to spend your years in is just as important as the course you chose to study or the connections you build. This is why we created this post to help you discover the new campus during your visit. 


Discover the campus surroundings: Avenida Escazú

Identify places of interest that you must visit. Before embarking on your tour, book online or call ahead and arrange for a guided campus tour. Perhaps you could visit the common areas, class rooms, surrounding retail shops, work places, movie theaters, food courts, bars, promenades, and so on. Avoid taking the traditional campus tour by combining your visit with other appointments.

Visit the laboratories and state of the art classrooms

During the tour, create time to visit its laboratories, lecture rooms, and amphitheater. Obtain permission from a recruitment counselor to visit its state of the art class rooms as well. In this way, you will get a feel of its college life. In addition, if you have any special needs, this is a good time to find out more about any additional resources. 

Take a virtual tour online, and a guided campus tour 

You can arrange a guided campus tour and visit laboratories and art classrooms.Arrange to tour Texas Tech University Costa Rica virtually by visiting its website prior to scheduling a physical visit. Doing so will offer you insights of TTU’s Avenida Escazu campus without necessarily being there. Interact with its 360 degrees player to get a glimpse of the décor of its facilities. In addition, there is a map of the entire university campus. Use this map to get details of the layout of its constituent parts. Thereafter, you can arrange for a day to take a guided campus tour.

Ask all your questions to the recruiters or TTU alumni!

If after the tour you have any outstanding questions, it is recommended that you probe the campus’s admission blog, its admission office, or enrollment counselors. You can also speak to TTU alumn for clarifications on any aspect of student life, and the good news is that the recruiters are also alumni, you get first hand information.

In wrapping up…

Remember to enjoy the fun and excitement of your campus tour. It is important that you feel relaxed while going through this process. College life offers you a chance to explore your interests, build relationships, and grow academically. So, don’t fail to factor in the fun during your visit as the decision you make will determine whether you will enjoy your life here!

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