Welcome Week 2019!



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Welcome Raiders! Week one of fall semester is over and you are officially part of our Red Raider family. We hope you are ready for the incredible four years ahead of you, because we can’t wait! Texas Tech University - Costa Rica is celebrating its one-year anniversary with more energy than ever, so we decided to start off the new academic year with a few fun activities to welcome our new students.

We started nice and sweet on Monday morning with an array of candy near the entrance on the first floor to welcome everyone passing by. Our red and black “candy bar” was overflowing with all kinds of sweets, from mints to chocolates and even giant lollipops. Later that afternoon, students showed their competitive side playing their favorite video games in the auditorium. Our soccer fans got to score some goals and live every soccer player’s dream by playing FIFA, but there was also love for all the Mario Brother fans, who had a blast showing off their video game fighting talents on Super Smash Bros.


“I loved this activity because playing video games is my hobby,” said Computer Science major Humberto Alvarez. “This gave me the opportunity to share what I like with my friends. Out of all the activities, this one has been my favorite, because it helped me connect with other people.” 

The video game competition was a great opportunity for new and current students to get to know each other, but most important, to try to figure out which Mario character is best: is it Browser, Toad, or Yoshi? Maybe we’ll never know.

For new student Farah Maklouf, playing video games on campus was fun, but what she loves most about Texas Tech-CR so far is the professors and their lectures.

“The professors are really good. I like that I can always go up to my teachers and ask them for help; they are always available,” she said. The transition from high school to college hasn’t been hard for Farah, thanks to the university’s “friendly environment” and welcoming classmates.

When we thought Welcome Week couldn’t get any better, we got dessert for breakfast. Students lingered around the Sugar Charm donut cart we brought to campus and spent the morning getting hyped up on sugar before playing ultimate frisbee in the afternoon.


“There is so much energy on campus now that there are more students. The university feels alive!” said sophomore David Arciniegas. “I hope everyone becomes involved and participates in the events.”

To finish off the week, students got a unique lesson on how to play flag football from some of our very own professors and staff members. They also got to watch Texas Tech win their first football game of the season during a “tailgate” in the campus auditorium.    

If you thought week one was fun, get ready for what comes next! And for you not-yet Red Raiders, if you don’t want to miss out on the many activities and events the university has planned for spring semester, apply now to join the Red Raider family! Here at Texas Tech CR, every week is welcome week. The best experiences await you here

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