What you need to know about the new Texas Tech University Costa Rica

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Texas Tech University is one of the largest universities in the state of Texas, USA. The institution is known for its top-notch training and nurturing of students in a variety of fields and disciplines. Texas Tech as it’s fondly referred to by many scholars, is famous for offering degrees in:

  • Science and technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Restaurant and hotel management
  • Institutional management

Having been around for close to a decade now, the iconic institution has produced numerous outstanding alumni throughout the world. In 2010, for instance, the university was ranked as the 18th most popular university for companies and recruiters by the wall street journal. The ranking by other independent analysts and bodies has also been very impressive.

Texas Tech University Costa Rica has now opened a modern new campus at Avenida Escazú.Texas Tech University Costa Rica

You can now be part of this great institution and its towering achievements and still stay close to home if you live in Costa Rica. The university has now opened a modern new campus at Avenida Escazu. Through enrollment at the institution, you not only stand a chance to have a fully accredited US degree in all the programs offered by the campus, but you will also be able to work anywhere in the world as they are recognized throughout the globe.

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How good is the staff?

The teaching and non-teaching staff at the university are exemplary and have experience that spans decades and have the know-how to treat various subjects and academic issues with due diligence. The teaching staff that has been sought to spearhead the learning initiatives at the university are highly competent. It comprises a significant proportion of Costa Rican professors and a section of carefully visiting professors from Texas. This variation and selection of professors and lecturers are designed to give the students the best of both worlds. The main language that will be used in most of your classes will be English.

Numerous Opportunities Are Available

The students that enroll at Texas Tech University and study in Costa Rica will have many unique opportunities. Being the first abroad campus that belongs to the Texas university system, they will have the chance to carry out their internships in the United States of America. They can also be given an opportunity to explore work study avenues to help them cover part of their school fees at the university. As if that is not good enough, these pioneering students will also be given a chance to study for any semester they deem fit at the main university campus in Lubbock, Texas.

The Texas Tech University Community

The Texas Tech University family is supportive and encourages harmonious living and studying among students from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. The fee charged for any of the classes is strategically moderated to give an equal opportunity to all students to study and Obtain a USA degree and diploma without excessive and unnecessary financial strain. The university understands the need for social activities and practices and has a robust games department that is charged with the responsibility of organizing tournaments and competitions to help the students learn to coexist and work in teams. Texas Tech University indeed provides an excellent student experience in Costa Rica.

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