Winning a Merit-Based Scholarship




The opportunity for an education is something of tremendous value, especially considering the competitiveness of the labor market where a university degree can go a long way. A scholarship gives you a choice, an opportunity to change your life and fulfill academic goals that once seemed impossible. Education is a tool we use to pave our way towards the future we imagine for ourselves and our loved ones. Texas Tech University-Costa Rica gives you this tool, along with a diploma recognized worldwide and skills that will last for a lifetime.

This year, Texas Tech University-Costa Rica launched the merit-based scholarship program that will cover 1/3 of a student’s tuition, totaling $6,000 a year. Many students saw this as an opportunity and applied right away. Ramiro López, one of the winners of the scholarship, was thrilled to hear the exciting news; a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

Winning a scholarship deserves recognition and celebration because of the rigorous work that goes into it. There are certain requirements needed to apply for the scholarship, such as having a cumulative GPA of 3.5, participating in the Work & Study program, and taking at least 15 credits per semester.

Ramiro, a sophomore, graduated from a high school in Nicaragua, his native country and home to all of his family. When his parents saw an advertisement in the newspaper from Nicaragua about Texas Tech- Costa Rica, they advised him to apply. Ramiro has now been living in Costa Rica for the past year, majoring in Industrial Engineering and working as an IT assistant as part of his Work & Study program. When the university opened applications for the merit-based scholarships last semester, he finished the application in one day and submitted it right away. He admits he didn’t have much hope of winning but applied anyway, because he felt he had nothing to lose. He and his family were overjoyed when his name appeared as one of the winners of this great opportunity. Now he should be able to finish school without constantly worrying about his finances.

“Financially, it makes me feel very secure. Now I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’ll be able to finish school in four years, because I know I can,” Ramiro said, “This is a scholarship based on financial need. My four years of college are covered as long as I comply with the requirements.”


Keeping his grades up and working at the same time have been stressful for Ramiro, but he says he has learned how to balance both and still have time to enjoy with friends and practice sports.

For Ramiro, the goal is to graduate with excellent grades and gain as much knowledge and experience as he can, so that one day he can return to Nicaragua and help improve the conditions of his country.

“I would love to return to Nicaragua and help improve the economic situation of my country. I want to pass on my knowledge to Nicaraguan industries and help all of my community. I think that’s the best thing I can do for my country and for myself.”

Ramiro has three more years to go before graduation. Until then, he will learn many valuable skills in his job and classes, making him highly qualified for future employment. The impact of his scholarship will accompany him for many years to come, opening doors to opportunities and a bright future.

If you think you might qualify for a merit-based scholarship, this is your time to apply. Here at Texas Tech University-Costa Rica, we can give you the opportunity to become the professional you strive to be. Don’t be afraid to apply! Opportunities like these can change your life and guide you towards success, so join our Raider family now and start building your future.

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