Work Study: the TTU way!

by TTU-CR / Jun 9, 2018 4:15:07 PM

Work Study: the TTU way!

Work study is a program that offers part-time jobs to college students to help them gain working experience and earn some money. The program often encourages students to take up community service work or work opportunities that are related to their course of study. Texas Tech University Costa Rica has partnered with several companies around campus to offer work-study jobs that will allow you to study and work near campus. Some of the benefits of our work-study program include:

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Source of income

College life can be quite expensive, and any additional source of income could help you with all the expenses. The work-study jobs give you a chance to earn some money with a compensation starting at $500/month. We suggest that you prioritize your educational expenses, but if you have any leftover, you can spend it on your personal expenses.

An opportunity to build your network

Our work-study program connects you to a work place near TTU. This gives you an opportunity to still maintain your social life in school while networking at your workplace. Working allows you to meet people from different occupations and industries whom you can establish business connections with. Your supervisor can offer excellent reference in your future job search. Look for jobs that are related to your coursework so that you can meet people who are already established in your field.

Build up your resume

Work study jobs give you an upper hand when kickstarting your career. Employers are generally interested in graduates with job experience, and through this program, you will gain valuable experience. You’ll also gain work-place techniques and valuable skills, including communication, time management, and interpersonal skills that will benefit you in your future career.

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Guide you future career choices

When you start early, you have time to sample different career choices. Look for jobs related to your coursework. By the time you graduate from college, you have a sense of direction on what career path to take.

Flexible and convenient positions

Many of the companies we’ve partnered with to provide work-study jobs are near our campus, so, jobs are worked around your class schedule. You will not have to compromise any part of your academic life. Your employers will not expect you to work during your class time, plus, you should have enough time off to study for your exams.

Jobs via the work-study program at TTU are just like any other jobs out there. It’s important to show up to your workplace on time and give it your best. So, as you enjoy some of the best years of your life, take time to build a great future for yourself.

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